How To Accessorize Off The Shoulder Tops

Jazz up your wardrobe with colorful off the shoulder tops. One-shoulder tops and sleeveless tees are hot on the trends! They offer you a chic asymmetrical appearance for casual gatherings and campus trips.

One-shoulder tops are available in different styles, patterns and prints. They’re perfect for both informal as well as formal settings. These tops require a little thought when it comes to choosing accessories for a perfect look. Just match it up with your favorite pair of jeans, throw on simple earrings and wear dark colored boots. You’re all prepared to showcase your great fashion sense.

long sleeve off the shoulder tops

How To Accessorize Off The Shoulder Tops With Matching Accessories:

Except for the fashion critics, nobody really notices when you’re under-accessorized, especially not at college campuses. However, the offense is glaringly obvious when you’re wrongly accessorized. If you’ve plenty of one-shoulder tops in your wardrobe, it’s essential that you choose a fitting accessory to complement your appearance. The type of accessory that you choose largely depends on the nature of your outfit, your mood and the campus environment.

Interested in a quick college makeover? Check out the next couple of paragraphs to discover the secrets of accessorizing off the shoulder tops for women.

  • Pair your tops with strapless bras or brasserie that comes with transparent straps. Wear stick-on pasty bras if your top features a low backline. Even if you have fashionable straps and multicolored bras, your lingerie will ruin the intended look of the outfit unless you choose it wisely. Hunt the best lingerie stores for a perfect undergarment.
  • Choose simple accessories to complement the look of plus size off the shoulder tops. Skip chunky necklaces or lockets that make your neckline appear crowded and feel heavy on bust instead go for a simple ring or sleek bracelet.

The Right Accessory for Your Off Shoulder Tops

Wear dangling silver earrings with a shimmering bangle bracelet for a dressy look. Use sparkling hoops for a laid-back, dressed down appearance. Danglers make your neck seem taller and thinner.

  • Match your tops up with tailored trousers, tight-fitting/low-waist jeans or capris. Don’t go for wide bottomed trousers and bell-bottoms.
  • Pair dark colored off the shoulder tops with light colored accessories and vice versa during winters. You don’t need to follow the unicolor code. Be creative! Include colorful accessories to sport all colors on a bright sunny day.
  • Don’t wear your hair down! Style your hair appropriately to flaunt the exposed shoulders and get your back waxed for the purpose. Make a messy bun, high pony tail or sport a simple hair up do that shows off your back and shoulders.

Tie Front Blouse - Blue print

The Perfect Hairstyle to Match Your Off the Shoulder Tops

If you’ve short hair, you can invest in high-quality headbands and neon colored clips to go with your outfits. They look great on all women. Wherever possible, try to match your hair accessories with the color of your tops.

  • Don’t cover up your off the shoulder tops, tie front blouse with shrugs, pullovers, jackets or cardigans. The basic reason behind wearing a one-shoulder top is to flaunt your sexy neckline during summers. If you conceal it with other layers, it renders the entire purpose useless.

Complete the look with cute athletic shoes and stylish ballerinas. Pick up cheap off the shoulder tops, shoes and accessories on sale from the same store or brand. This prevents unwanted fashion disasters.