How To Layer Tunic Tops For A Perfect Appearance

Tunics are incredibly versatile fashion options for ladies in Western societies and for both the genders in Asian countries like China and India. They’re designed in short, three-quarter and long sleeves. Tunic tops come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, shades, textures and styles which means, you can easily stock up multiple pieces to sport a different look for each day of the week. Does this spark an idea? Read on to know more about tunic tops for women.

woven tunic tops

Notable Benefits

Tunics are very popular nowadays because of these benefits;

  • Tunics are comfortable, curvy, forgiving and perfect for all occasions. They’re easy to wear and remove. When chosen wisely, they flatter all figures and body types.
  • Long tunic tops are sensible investments because they can be worn with different ensembles, accessories and footwear. Match them up with leggings, scarf and boots during winters or pair them with strappy flips flops and flaunt your legs for a casual summer look. They’re easily accessorized with chunky jewelry, belts, purses and boots.
  • You can easily wear them all throughout the year.
  • As compared to evening gowns and designer tops, they’ll barely cost you a couple of bucks.

Different Types Of Tunic Tops

People have discovered the wide range of application of these versatile outfits. Eventually, different types were made available;

  • A-line Tunics - They’re similar to an empire-waist dress in structure. They’re narrow at the neckline and flare out lavishly towards the bottom. They feature a seamless waistline that runs below the bust region and rarely have pockets, buttons or lavish decorations.
  • Empire-Waist Tunics - In early 1990s, they were worn by young women and kids, hence named as baby-doll tops. They’re quite popular amongst teenagers since the design accentuates their bust area, draws attention away from pot bellies and lengthens upper torso. Empire-waist tops feature a waistline that begins right below the bust line and flares away from the body as the fabric descends down. They exhibit different styles and cuts. Nowadays, tie front blouse with an empire-waist is back in fashion.
  • Straight-line Tunic - These tops are long and simply descend down the sides. They don’t cling to your body contours hence they’re perfect picks for full-figured ladies. These tops works well for formal or casual work settings and go with day or night wear.

branded tie front blouse

How To Layer Them

If you don’t know where to begin once you have one, here are some useful tips that you can use for numerous occasions;

  • You can wear transparent tunic tops over swimsuits or beachwear if you wish to spend a bright sunny day on the beach.
  • Match long, straight-line tops with trousers, wide-bottomed jeans or bell-bottoms and a sleek belt to highlight the curves.
  • Heavy fabrics like voile, cotton and broadcloth are perfect for a family dinner, casual picnic or a quick shopping trip whereas light materials like satin and silk are meant for dressier occasions such as cocktail parties. You can layer both these tunics with tights or leggings for an ideal evening ensemble. Shoppers may buy multicolored tunic tops for leggings that can be paired with a variety of accessories.
  • Wear a short, half-sleeved casual tunic with your favorite straight-line, tight fitting jeans or capris for a laid-back ensemble. You can drape a long cardigan or a shrug over a tunic during the winter months.
  • A-line tunics are sleek and so, they look quite stylish when worn with pencil skirts, three-forth leggings and wooden bangles. Bold colors like yellow, green, red and orange create a perfect retro look. Layer an expensive, richly-fabricated tunic over dark tailored trousers for a high-end corporate dinner.
  • Pair an empire-waist tunic with form-fitting jeans or skirts, stocky necklaces, beaded earrings, headbands and boots or ballerinas for an urban chick look.

So go ahead and stock your wardrobes with various tunic tops and design a perfect look for this season!