Long Skirts Always Rock!

Looking more fashionable than others is what every woman wants. Those who loved to wear long pants denims may want to wear long skirts for a different look. Mix and match of tie front blouse with plethora designs of long skirts for women are easier as there are lots of matching colors to explore. Floral prints, graphic patterns, bold colors are there to enhance the vibrant, fashionable look.

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Pulling Off A Long Skirt

So far, many women think that long skirts are only applicable for taller women. Though it may be true for some reasons, there are some skirts in full length which are perfect for shorter girls. Those skirts can be in darker colors like black or dark brown. The choice of the fabric also brings major impacts for a taller impression. It is best to choose a straight or sheath dress in satin, velvet or silk. A shorter girl should choose a similar color on both skirt and shirt. The shirt should also be in v-neckline or even strapless or sleeveless. Another excellent alternative is avoiding fabrics with too many patterns or prints as she will look even shorter.

Never think that these skirts are monotonous. Their variations are more attractive than many girls think. They include:

  • Straight skirts
  • Wrap skirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Denim, maxi skirts
  • Laced skirts
  • Ruffled skirts

Long Skirts for Various Occasions

Not many women figure out that full-length skirts are more versatile than short skirts. They are best for both formal and casual events. Lunch invitation, wedding party, first date, summer party at the beach are only to name a few of several events when girls can wear a full-length dress or skirts. Stretchy full-length skirts are the best for office hours as they can match best with tank tops with formal blazers. For a more casual look, bohemian skirts with floral patterns or patchwork stripes will be the best option.

The good news is plus size long skirts are also available for those who feel like there is no outfit for them to look adorable. Plus size women have more options than they think before. Seamed A-line skirt, striped or geometric maxi skirt, are the best choices for a slimmer look. Laces full length skirts are also adorable, as long as they are in darker colors. Laced or ruffled skirts are available in various colors and fabrics to match various preferences.

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Best Options of Long Skirts for Juniors

Juniors or teens can look as fashionable as their moms as well. Chic patterns with vibrant colors can make them look cute. It is best to avoid lace or ruffle as they only look good for older girls. Cotton skirts with hippie style is the best for trendier performance. They match with any kind of flat shoes, sandals or flip flops that bring lots of convenience for girls. So, never doubt to wear long skirts as they can match well with every woman at any age and body shape.