Modern Sequin Dresses

Sequin dresses have an inherent richness about them which lends the lady wearing such clothes look classy. There are both traditional as well as contemporary designs on which sequins are stitched. Traditional patterns were intricate and difficult to stitch. Therefore, such clothes were also expensive. Only rich could afford them. Even today, there is an impression that dresses with sequins are worn by rich people.

disco sequin dresses

Contemporary designers have however come up with dresses that are fully covered with sequins. These dresses fit snugly to the women’s bodies. In some of these dresses, or blouses only bodices are covered with sequins. These are strikingly different from casual wear such as tie front blouse. Since sequins are small beads shaped like discs, with shining surfaces, they reflect light falling on them. Such dresses therefore emphasize the contours of the lady with each movement of the dress’ fabric, effectively making her seem more sophisticated and seductive. It is also this characteristic of sequins that makes women wearing such dresses seem to be slimmer than they are. Basically, sequin dresses are essentially party wear.

Modern sequin dresses

In ancient times, sequins were made from thin sheets of metals, which not only made them expensive but also heavy. Such sequin dresses were also difficult to maintain. Modern sequins are made of thin plastic pieces, usually cut in round shape or other geometric shapes such that these reflect light more frequently. Though many of the contemporary sequin stitched dresses are completely covered with sequins it is not mandatory that the underlying fabric become invisible. Sequins of different colors are used to create geometric or random patterns along with such underlying fabric. Varieties of sequin filled dresses include

a. Sequin tunics

b. Sequin frocks

c. Sequin gowns

d. Sequin tank dresses

e. Sequin blouses

f. Sequin skirts.

Most of these modern dresses are sleeveless varieties. Some of the sexy sequin dresses may have single shoulder strap and others may be strapless. There are full sleeve varieties as well which cling to the body highlighting the contours. Necklines are usually deep so that these dresses can be worn with any other shirt or blouse inside. Such internal blouses or shirts are usually made from thinner materials such as sheer. Ladies can also choose between various colors such as black, turquoise blue, silver, red, yellow, green, and gold.

Gold sequin dresses in particular are very popular variety amongst these. As of now, such dresses are available in price range of $25 to $500 from online stores. Cheap sequin dresses look equally elegant though there is a marked difference in quality of material and designs. Some of the sequins are attached to the underlying fabric of the dress only at a specific spot above. Effectively the rest of the sequin actually dangles. When these move, they can create a ripple effect of light. There are other sequin varieties that do not move. Even such variation in types of sequins affixed on the dress affects the price of such dresses.

Maintenance of sequin dresses

Most of the sequins are hand stitched on these sequin dresses. Hence, they last long. Washing clothes with sequins on them can be a bit of a problem. Hand wash is advised for such washes. Care also needs to be taken to ensure that sequins are not damaged in the process. Damage to sequins can include them breaking away from the dress cloth, losing shape or shine, or becoming dull because of dust, water stains, or even excessive exposure to sunlight. Such damage rarely occurs, but once sequins are lost, or damaged, the effect is obvious and the dress cannot be used until it is repaired.

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The shimmer that is possible with sequins is not possible with many of the fabrics including satin and silk. This perhaps is the reason this ancient method of adding beauty to women’s clothing has never really gone out of fashion. In today’s world, it is also possible to find accessories such as footwear and purses that are embellished with matching sequins, effectively creating a complete ensemble.