Tie Front Blouse for an Ultra Feminine Look

Tie front blouse is the latest trend in women’s fashion and it is usually worn during the summer and spring when you are not overlaid with layers of coats and jackets. The summer season and the spring time are the months of balmy weather and gentle breeze, a little warmth and a time to make the most of the weather by going outdoors in light weight clothes. Instead of showing yourself in buttoned down blouse you can try tie front blouse simply by tying the tail end of the blouse into a knot. While tying down the blouse you would look more casual, chic and bold. The blouse can be worn with a long skirt, a short or simply a trouser and each pair of these accessories would reveal a different aspect of your feminine charm.

Lovely Tie Front Blouse

The feminine charm has a multitude of dimensions and each style reveals a particular aspect of the eternal feminist. When you wear a blouse that are to be tied in the front the bolder aspect of the feminine emerges along with a carefree look that doesn’t care much about looking simply formal. As has been already cited, this is a fashion statement to be made in summer or spring when you go outdoors with your husband or your boyfriend holding each other’s hands and swaying in the delight of love, togetherness and being oblivious of the world around you.

Elegant Front Tie Blouse

Recent fashion trends with tie front blouse

  • White tie front blouse is ideal clothing when the sun is overhead and warm. You can compliment it with mauve green breezy long skirt or a black trouser or may be dark colored jeans that would be your perfect summer outfit. Try to look as casual and carefree as possible and be swayed along the balmy weather with a lighter mood and light colored clothing.
  • If you are planning to go bold, try a pair of shorts with front tie blouse, tying the knot a little way up the waist so that a part of your skin would be revealed. The shorts are recommended if you have beautiful legs and that way you would look sexy and appealing to the men around you who would not miss a chance to go for a date with you.


Rainbow Tie Front Shirt

  • A simple button down shirt can be converted to tie front shirt simply by tying a knot at the end. That way even your formal clothing would take on an appearance of trendy and fashionable look and the same wardrobe collection can be used in different occasions by wearing them differently.
  • Recently the pink blouse and short skirts with floral prints have become the new trend. In fact short skirts go very well with this type of blouse, sometimes revealing your navel to lend it a sexier look. The sex appeal is of pristine importance for a woman and these blouses can be customized to make you look more appealing.


Gucci White Tie Front Blouse

For a trendy and bolder look

A tie front blouse is a trendy and fashionable piece of accessory that would make you look bold and beautiful at the same time.